Equity and

We are a society dedicated to supporting Women, Non-binary folks, BIPOC students and faculty, and minorities in the Queen’s University Chemistry Department.

Our Mission

The purpose of this group is to promote an equitable, diverse and anti-racist climate within the chemical sciences at Queen’s University through intersectional education and collaboration.

Queen’s Chemistry IDEAS fosters an inclusive environment, advocates for the rights of marginalized students and disseminates educational resources on equity and allyship.

by JOHN MEGAHAN, based on the “Progress” flag designed by DANIEL QUASAR

Recent Blog Posts

Meet Manisha (Co-chair)

I am a fourth year Chemistry student, interested in equity in global health. Having witnessed the academic barriers that exist for members of marginalized communities, I am passionate about the potential of this team to foster inclusion and tackle barriers to equity.  I am really excited to connect with and learn from more people inContinue reading “Meet Manisha (Co-chair)”

Meet Shideh (Co-chair)

I am Postdoctoral fellow at the Chemistry department and have been committed to diversity and inclusion in student training by having international experiences in learning and mentoring, which have helped to improve my skills. I am interested in promoting equality as well as the empowerment of woman to improve economic growth and protection. I amContinue reading “Meet Shideh (Co-chair)”

Meet Jenny (Co-chair)

My name is Jenny (she / her) and I’m a PhD student in chemistry. Having spent many years as a university student I have both witnessed and experienced marginalization to varying degrees in an academic setting. I have been a bystander in the past and over the years I have grown and learned how IContinue reading “Meet Jenny (Co-chair)”

About Us

We are an Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Awareness Society

We are part of the Queen’s Chemistry Department and a Chapter of the CWIC




Chernoff Hall
Queen’s University
Kingston, Ontario

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